The Therapeutae School is both an online formal (Certification) or study. It leads to the study of a highly advanced synthesis of scientific, metaphysical and religious principles for use and practice of the healing arts in our modern age. This Therapeutic School of spiritual regeneration teaches practitioners how to activate one's latent psycho-physical and spiritual faculties, which leads to development of the spiritual Light Body for ultra-dimensional participation in our present time-space continuum for healing. The School thereby provides the individual the means of achieving transcendence from the lower dimensional, physical existence to one higher with more skill sets in various areas of application. These studies assist one in the healing of others in their respective ministries and stations of life.

Western civilization has made great contributions to the physical welfare of the human race, however, such emphasis on physical existence has not made a more peaceful and healthy planet. Now is time for the educated to go beyond the physical, to go on beyond the limitations of materialism, and reach out to God through the stars and to the realms of spirit. In this School, we understand how this can be achieved with metaphysical studies, and as a therapy or a therapeutics, helps us to commune with that part of our nature that, which to a large degree, is silent to our consciousness until awakened.

We recognize that studies into the more esoteric approaches to healthcare provide considerable importance for anyone having some form of skill or aptitude in any of the alternative and complementary medical vocations (secular or religious). It is apparent that all the historical themes of healing deal with the vital energy, the elements, the sublte anatomy and disease etiologies which are all very similar. This School presents, perhaps for the first time, a concise and scholarly examination of the history and principles of the major traditions of esoteric healing. This School proposes that humanity must retain these ancient esoteric teachings for posterity.

We recognize Jesus Christ, like others before Him, was more than a Messiah, showing not only the healing of the body but also the soul. This school recognizes the healing of the body and the sanctity of the healing of the soul together, which should not be outside the realm of medicine as we understand it today, as well as outside the realm of psychology, which generally only deals with the mind and the layers of the psyche or the unconscious. Our observation of the condition of modern man is that the physical body and mind has been over-stressed to the point where the spirit has been put out of touch with half of its being. And this condition leads to a resultant spiritual breakdown, which has led to psychic illness and mental aberrations on a global scale.

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The Priory of the Therapeutae has been joined to the Sacred Medical Order